Yaduveer-Trishika wedding among top FB trends

As the royal wedding between the scion of the Mysuru royal family Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and Trishika Kumari of Rajasthan’s Dungarpur royal family culminated on Monday, the City of Palaces was among the Top Trends on the social networking giant Facebook since Monday.

Facebook was all abuzz with talks of the grandeur of the royal wedding since Monday morning when the wedding rituals began at the palace. Since then, the topic ‘Mysuru, India’ was trending second while first being Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi being mocked online following Leonel Messi’s retirement from international career.

Facebook started to highlight Mysuru among the top trend as more and more people including media agencies started to share the wedding pictures, articles, videos and the relevant information.

As Mysuru and royal wedding turned out to be most mentioned words and phrases in the shared content, the topic popped up on the right column with a short explanation saying ‘Royal Wedding Held Between Yaduveer Chamaraja Krishnadatta Wodeyar, Trishika Kumari’. A click-through on the trend leads to a page where all the shared information relating to the wedding is compiled.

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