Yalandur City Municipal Corporation presidential election today

Yalandur City Municipal Corporation presidential election is being held today and the ruling Congress and BJP are having a contest for the president’s post of the municipality. But the probability of Congress member getting elected as the president is more this time.

Yalandur is the smallest taluk centre of the state. The town panchayat has 11 members. Congress has won 5 seats, BJP 4 seats, JD(S) one seat and an independent candidate won one seat. No party has won a clear majority in the last election. President’s post is reserved for the reserved candidate.

Along with its five members, Congress can get the vote of an MLA and MP. By doing so, Congress can retain power this time too.

BJP is giving a tough competition for the president and vice president post. Ningaraju, Umashankar, Nagarathna Mahesh are contesting for the president’s post. BJP members are trying their best to get the president’s post for their candidate. They are trying to get the support of either a JD(S) or independent candidate. Marulukrishna, Y S Bhimappa are the likely candidates for the president’s post from the BJP.

Having the support of MLA and MP, Congress has the all the possibility of retaining power in Town Panchayat. Eyeing on the upcoming Vidhana Sabha elections, vice-president of the panchayat, Ningaraju stand a good chance to scrape through.

– Gulipur Nandish M

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