Yeddyurappa is a liar, shameless: CM Siddaramaiah

Taking a jibe at the BJP state unit president B S Yeddyurappa for his statement alleging he (Siddaramaiah) paid Rs 1,000 crore to the Congress high command to retain his CM’s post, the Chief Minister on Sunday came down heavily on BSY calling him a ‘liar’ and his allegations ‘baseless’.

“The person, who was jailed over corruption charges when he was the chief minister, and has 15 criminal cases against him, has no moral rights to speak ill of others. Everything he claims is a lie and has no evidences,” Siddaramaiah said after arriving at the Mandakalli Airport to participate in private and government programmes in the city.

Listening to anti-corruption statements from Yeddyurappa was similar to that of listening to a devil reciting Bhagavadgeeta, Siddaramaiah quipped.

“Just because the BJP is at the Centre, Yeddyurappa is a free man. The situation would have been different if it wasn’t BJP at the Centre and he would be behind bars by now for his involvement in extortion and other criminal cases,” Siddaramaiah said.

Responding to Yeddyurappa’s challenge that CM should take oath to prove himself innocent, Siddaramaiah said that he doesn’t believe in taking oaths to prove himself innocent and asked Yeddyurappa to furnish proof for his claims.

“The statement from the person who was the former chief minister is irresponsible and was aimed at tarnishing the party’s image. He talks about taking a oath to prove innocence, does he think court will accept that. Let him talk with evidence?” he said.

Siddaramaiah further stated that Yeddyurappa only spoke lie and made hollow statements while sarcastically referring to BSY’s claim that he made 60 days ago that ‘three ministers would resign in three days.


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