Yemen students discuss gender equality

Both male and female students of Yemen from across the state discussed the issue at a programme organised by ODP and UoM

Yemen students pursuing academics across the state for the first time joined in the heritage city to discuss on ‘Gender Sensitisation’ with participation of both men and women at the Organisation for the Development of People (ODP).
 Male and female students of Yemen, a country that fared worse than Pakistan, Chad, Syria, Mali and many other countries in gender equality being in a male dominant society, as per the GGG report, discussed reasons behind predomination of male, even though the holy religious book stresses for equality.

Having strong faith on the holy book, female students expressed gratitude for their family for sending them to pursue education in India, especially for higher education, while male students also portrayed their vision of personal growth.
The two-day workshop was jointly organised by the University of Mysore Institute of Development Studies and Organisation for the Development of People (ODP).

“Every man has to change his mindset towards women. I come from a conservative family and I miss Yemen,” said one of the female participants.

Interestingly, one of the male Yemen student assured security for Yemen girls in Karnataka. Even though the ratio of female students was poor compared to male students, the workshop and the interaction sessions was dominated by female participants.

Delivering technical presentation, Hanan Taieb Khaled, a final year MA student in Development Studies, University of Mysore said, “Money cannot make any changes in the society unless we understand gender equality and focus on building a better future on grounds of equality.”
Stating study reports she said, one in every two brides in Yemen is aged 18 or under. She said, out of 301 Member of Parliament, only one women represented whereas three women represented in the 35-member cabinet.
She pointed that gender discrimination was rampant in Yemen and urged the younger generation to understand the reality and strive to fight discrimination against women.

During the inaugural address, Mysore University Institute of Development Studies Dr K V Ayyanna described that men and women were like two wings of a butterfly, and it cannot move forward with one. Moreover, sustainable development cannot be possible unless equal opportunities are provided for women. Even though, there was reservation for women in the parliament it remained unfulfilled, he said.

Dr Meera, assistant professor, IDS, UoM present.

“Women have been considered holy in every religion. But in reality women are discriminated by the society which is patriarchal. Women have more administrative skills compared to men.”
Rev Fr Stany D Almeda, Director, ODP

“Problem lies in our mind. Thus we need to change. I have visited many countries and understood the fact that we must change our mindset and respect women.”
Khadija, Microbiology research scholar, University of Mysore.

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