YKC Wadiyar remembers Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar on his 134th birthday

“It was on the foundations laid by him (Nalvadi), that today’s Karnataka has built a towering image upon,” says Yaduveer

Mysuru, June 4:- The Custodian to the Royal House of Mysore, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, on Monday posted a video remembering the Philosopher-King Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar on his 134th birth anniversary.

In a minute-long video posted by YKC Wadiyar on his Facebook Page has paid rich tributes to the Rajarshi ‘Nalvadi’ Krishnaraja Wodeyar and the scion of Mysore royal family has called ‘Nalvadi’ as the ‘Noble son of Chamundeshwari.’

The video which opens up with ‘From the Royal House of Mysore’ narrates,” 4th June 1884, the smile of the newborn prince lit up a hundred faces at the Palace of Mysore, The unassuming smile that would later light up not only the streets of Mysore but also the lives of millions of his Subjects. Unparalleled in wisdom, he was known as the most enlightened of all princes and his state praised to have the best administration that one could fathom. Kind and secular, he was revered by one and all.”

“A visionary administrator, his reign saw the rise of many industries in the state, generating revenues that outnumbered any other state of his days. His Dasara was labelled as visual spectacle and his palace, a one described in fairy tales. Among the richest of men in the world, his highnesses’ richest possession was his spiritual genius. His prowess as a philosopher was something that not many possessed. Remembering the Noble son of Chamundeshwari on his 134th birth anniversary,” the video added.

The video concludes with messages which reads, “Little of his Ramarajya may be left for us to see, but it can safely be said that it was on the foundations laid by him, that today’s Karnataka has built a towering image upon.”

The video was shared by hundreds of Facebook users wishing Nalvadi on his birth anniversary and few have commented praising the Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar saying that, “We owe a lot to His Highness. If Bengaluru has progressed so much in Information Technology (IT), Bio Technology (BT) and other areas, it is due to the strong foundation laid by His Highness,” a comment on the video stated. –(KK)

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