Yoga Day rehearsals on June 11 & 18


Prime News, State (Mysuru), June 9:- The district administration is gearing up for the International Yoga Day to be held at Mysuru palace on June 21. Authorities are planning to mobilise at least 50,000 participants at the venue to create record of sorts. In view of the big day, the authorities are planning to conduct rehearsals on June 11 and 18 as a prelude to the International Yoga Day.

On the D-day, the administration is aiming at one thing: congregation of at least 50,000 people at the venue. As of now, the largest congregation at a single venue is 38,000 which was held at Janpat in New Delhi during the inaugural International Yoga day where nearly 38,000 people attended three years back. For the forthcoming third yoga day, district administration wants to accumulate nearly 50,000 people at a single venue.

Considering the importance and volume of the event, district authorities are leaving no stone unturned to make the International Yoga Day a big success. Committees and sub-committees have been formed for the smooth functioning of the event. (MR).


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