Yoga, food have a positive effect on health: CFTRI director Prof Ram Rajeshekharan

“Yoga and food have a positive effect on health. Food has a spiritual background also. The story of Lord Krishna stealing butter narrates the role of fat in our daily life. Therefore, it would not be wrong if we consume butter and ghee, but preferably only during daytime. Alkaline foods are better than acidic foods. It would be good for health if soft vegetarian food is consumed before and after yoga. Brahma Kumaris are spreading the message of peace and harmony to the society through such programmes,” said CFTRI Director Prof Ram Rajeshekharan.

 He was speaking after inaugurating a seminar organised by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mysuru, in collaboration with the Association of Food Scientists and Technologists, CFTRI and DFRL, Mysuru, recently.

  Director, DFRL, Mysuru, Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma made a presentation about the yoga programme arranged at DFRL. The presentation also included various health and wellness food products being made ready by the organisation. He emphasised the need for NGOs to take up a project to make Mysuru, a city free from diabetes mellitus. He implored that ‘Food thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’

 Chief coordinator, Brahma Kumaris, Mysuru sub-zone, Rajyogini B K Lakshmiji enlightened the audience about the “RajaYoga meditation.” She reiterated that 90 percent of the diseases occur due to negative thoughts and the solution is to change the mental attitude.


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