Yoga for a noble cause: Odanadi’s unique campaign against human trafficking

Yoga is not only meant for ensuring better health and securing inner peace but it can also be used to create awareness among people for a right cause. Hundreds of volunteers working for the cause of eradicating human trafficking went on to practice Yoga during the morning blitz at the historical Palace premises in the heart of the city here on Sunday.

The mass Yoga demonstration ‘Yoga Stops Traffick’ was conducted as a part of an awareness campaign that is being held simultaneously across 120 cities among 40 countries. The event was organised by city-based Odanadi Seva Samsthe.

The founder of Swamy Vivekananda Youth Movement Dr R Balasubramaniam inaugurated the event. Speaking after flagging off the ‘Yoga Stops Traffick’ awareness drive, renowned artist K T Shivaprasad spoke about the cruel practice of human trafficking which has spread worldwide and stated that human trafficking in India targets hapless women belonging to certain sections in villages. He said that people should stand up against this horrid practice.

Addressing the gathering, International volunteer of Odanadi Sari spoke about the need of educating children over human trafficking. She said that education on human trafficking in primary education level is needed so that children and parents could aware of the heinous crime where innocent people are victimised. 

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