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Yoga is a way of life

Yoga has a rich history of more than 5000 years. According to pundits, it is not just a discipline involving many exercises (asanas). It is much more than what people think it to be. There were days when one thought only a few could practise yoga, but the myth surrounding it has undergone a sea change. The number of people turning to yoga is increasing by the day. Heritage city, better known as yoga hub of India, is leading from the front to spread the essence of yoga.

That Mysuru has produced many yoga exponents over the years is nothing new. One such towering personality from namma Mysuru is Srihari, chief of GSS Yogic Research Foundation, who has produced many experts to take yoga to the next level. Many of his protégés have been successful in spreading their guru Srihari’s message.          

If Srihari speaks highly of his ward Rajappa Ranganath, it is not without a reason. For soft-spoken Ranganath, chosing yoga was by choice. Started learning yoga in the year 2002, this Mysurean has gone a long way to carve a niche nationally and globally. He proudly boasts of teaching yoga in many organisations like Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala, Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education (RIMSE), Kautilya Vidyala, RIIT. At present, he is with GSS Foundation where he is pursuing his passion.


He is a quintessential Mysurean who does what he loves and loves what he does. That he has been practising and teaching yoga for close to 15 years, Ranganath knows his job is not over at that. He wants every household in Mysuru and other places to know what yoga is and the science behind it.  

Citing his own example, Ranganath says it was because of yoga he could transform himself to a large extent. Having made it to the distinguished league of yoga teachers, the 38-year-old Ranganath wants to stay in the reckoning, while pursuing what he loves the most.


Could you tell us something about your childhood? How much of it do you remember?

Use to stay with my grandmother. We enjoyed a lot because it was a joint family.  My brothers and sisters used to play together. I was not so good at academics. During childhood, we knew only to play. I don’t remember doing any homework, all seasonal games we use to play…..

Something about academics… right from school, college.

Teresian convent primary and middle, JSS High School Lakshmipuram, JSS College,

CPC Polytechnic Mysuru, Annamalai university.

What is impact of your parents when you were young?

As I said I stayed with my grandmother in Mysuru (my parents in Chamarajanagar) my mother loved me very much, she used to come every week end just to see us.

Something about your professional career?

Worked with many organisations, Bharat Heavy Electrical ltd., Bengaluru. Worked as a mechanical designer in many organisations including Infosys. Most memorable professional experience is yoga profession, especially in China because it was challenging and satisfying.

When did you start learning yoga? Was it by chance or choice?

It was by choice. I started because I wanted to get up early. Before that I used to sleep late and wake up late. In 2002, I started learning yoga.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is the only form which gives holistic development to the body , mind and soul.  Yoga changed my complete lifestyle and also my profession.

Your experience in China as a yoga guru?

I never thought of going to China to teach yoga. It just happened,  it was a great experience there. The public loves yoga. Nowadays even in small villages, we find yoga studios,  I have trained more than 2000 students….  In the beginning it was very difficult because of language, gradually I learnt Chinese language and then it was very easy, conducted classes in Chinese language.  Hence could reach many students and make them understand….  I enjoyed their food there. We get lot of vegetarian foods also, only thing is you should know Chinese language (mandarin).  

What are you doing at present?

Very often I travel to China to conduct classes. In  Mysuru at GSS Yogic Research Foundation, I conduct yoga classes, and also at RIIIT.  

Are you happy with what you have achieved so far?

There are many things to be achieved here. I have more students in China than here…  Socially also I could reach many needy people. I have been taught to be happy at any situation.  There are many goals to be achieved.

Mysuru as a yoga hub, your comment.

Because of its heritage cultural, Mysuru is the best place to practise and learn yoga.  Here public also very actively participate in all yoga activities. This year nearly 8000 people joined together to celebrate International Yoga Day at Mysuru palace, that too on a week day (Tuesday).  Mysuru is the best place where yoga university must be started.

Do you think yoga is growing in India?

Yes, after our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative, yoga has got more popular not only in India, but all over the world.

Does yoga have healing touch?

Yoga has everything in it, we have to rediscover and experience

Most satisfying moment?

There are many times because I have helped many students to come out of their pain and diseases.   

Any forgettable moment?

There are good and bad experiences. Bad experiences have taught me lessons so nothing forgettable…

Rajappa Ranganath’s Profile

  • Ranganath, born on 31st and brought in Mysuru,
  • Now residing at srirampura,
  • Diploma in mechanical engineering and Diploma in Yoga
  • Started professional career with mechanical background,
  • Worked with many organization, Bharat Heavy Electrical ltd., Bangalore
  • Worked as Mechanical Designing in many organization including Infosys,
  • Yoga gurus   Late Sri Balaji Rao thombare, Sri Ramesh, Sri Srihari….
  • Mother Chinnamanni
  • Father Rajappa
  • Elder sister Kavitha married to Srinivas
  • Younger Brother Amogh married to Nirma ,  daughter Aadya.

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