Yoga is for all: Dr Raghavendra Pai

“Yoga is widely accepted in all the countries. It is not restricted to people of any caste or religion. Yoga gives happiness and keeps the practitioner fit and healthy. I am practicing yoga for a long time and I have found the benefits of it,” said senior yoga practitioner, Dr Raghavendra Pai.

He was speaking at the valedictory programme of the Yoga Dasara organised by the Yoga Dasara subcommittee, held at Nataraja auditorium, Nataraja College.

“Yoga Dasara is being observed since 2008. But the response was not so impressive then. But after the formation of Yoga Dasara subcommittee in 2011, we are getting a very good response. Students from various colleges of Mysuru take active part in Yoga Dasara and are making it a success. Yoga should not be restricted to Dasara or the International Day of Yoga, but it should be continuously practiced. Recently, yoga was taught to the prisoners of Mysuru central jail,” he said.

Chidananda seer of Hosamutt, M S Nataraj, Secretary of Yoga Dasara subcommittee, Dr Seetha Lakshmi were present on the occasion.

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