Yoga is for all, says Raghavendra Pai

 “In this generation, there is a false mindset that yoga is practiced only by patients and aged people. But in reality, yoga is for all. One who wishes to have healthy benefits from the meditation and yoga, can have the benefits from practising it everyday,” said, Dr K K Raghavendra R Pai, Secretary, Sri Vedavyasa Yoga Prathishtana, Mysuru at Yoga, Dhyana, Pranayama book release at Vanaranga on Sunday.

After inaugurating the programme, he said, “We must thank our ancestors for introducing Yoga to the world. In cities like Mysuru, we have many opportunities to organise the Yoga classes. But still we can see that there is no sufficient infrastructure for Yoga in almost all universities in Mysuru”.

“Many of us do not know that Yoga process starts since the child is   conceived and it lasts till the last breath of the child,” he added.

Atmagnanada Maharaj, President, Ramakrishna Ashram, Janardhan, former director, Rangayana, Dr Halathi Somashekhar, Vismaya publications, K V Srinivas, Mahima publications, Prof G Chandrashekhar and others were present.


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