Yoga, karate, cultural fest held

Urging women to come for­ward to the mainstream of the society by being dedicated and involved in all spheres, ex-Zilla Panchayat President

Dr Pushpa Amarnath said that women need to empow­er themselves for the national growth. The men need to en­courage women empower­ment, she said.

She was speaking at the Karate and Cultural Fes­tival-2016, at Town Hall grounds, organised by Na­tional Institute of Martial Arts and Yoga recently.

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Boys exhibiting their karate skills.

She said, Yoga and Karate builds confidence in women and hence they need to focus on martial arts which help to enhance their personality. Par­ents should support their chil­dren to take part in all spheres without restricting them to any particular field, she added.

H C Kumar, Mahadevas­wamy, Umesh K V, Sainath, T R Srinivas, Kumar Swamy, Mahadeva T, Babuji, Apsar Pa­sha, Jogi Murugesh, Sathish, Ramesh, Jayaram, Tham­maiah, Shivaiah, Ramesh C, Shivakumar, District Jour­nalists Association Vice Pres­ident for Rural H S Gajendra, Madhukumar, Govindaraj, Pushpa, Ajith Kumar, Raviku­mar, Jayakumar, Chandrashet­ty and others were present on the occasion.

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