Yoghurt reduces BP

Yoghurt is a counter part of Indian curd. However, the lactic acid bacterial (LAB) cultures used for yoghurt preparation are different from the LAB cultures used for making the curd. As a result the flavour of these two products is different from each other. Based on a study conducted on the food habits of 2.4 lakh men and 51 K women, Dr Justin Buendia, a researcher from Boston University’s School of Medicine, has reported reduction of high blood pleasure (BP), if 5 or more cups of yoghurt are taken every week. The risk of BP has reduced by 25% in people who have taken yoghurt at least 5 days in a week. If fruits, nuts and vegetables are taken along with yoghurt, it reduced further to 31%. The reason quoted for this action was digestion of fats by certain bacteria present in curds leading to free flow of blood in the vessels thus avoiding BP.  Whether it is yoghurt or curd it the selected LAB that play a key role in reduction of BP or cholesterol content in the blood.

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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