Young Army Officer Kidnapped and Killed In Kashmir

Srinagar, May 10:- A young army officer in Kashmir was kidnapped by few terrorists from a family wedding on Tuesday night and killed.

The deceased Umar Fayyaz, a 22-year-old Lieutenant, had joined the army five months ago and was posted with the Rajasthan Rifles. His body was found in Shopian with bullets in his head and abdomen.

The officer, a Kashmiri, was on leave and had gone for his cousin’s wedding at his village in Kulgaon in south Kashmir when he was kidnapped around 10 pm. His family, too terrified to report it, had hoped that he would be sent back alive.

He was in the NDA hockey team and said to be an excellent volleyball player. According to the army, he was tipped to go for a Young Officers’ course in September. –(ANI)

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