Young Entrepreneurship Programme held at NPSI

NPSI Mysore conducted its fourth consecutive Young Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP) which culminated on the Market Day on Friday at the school premises. The programmes, which kick-started several months back, are aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills in the youngsters. It is a unique programme conducted to instill the spirit of innovation, ownership and give the students,   hands on practical understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. It involved the students of Grade VIII, XI and XII.


The theme for this year’s programme was ‘Terracotta’. There were stalls selling terracotta garden accessories. jewellery, bookmarks, greeting cards, hand embroidered tea napkins, vases  along with yummy foods like cake pops, coffee tarts, bun nippats, mocktails of different flavours, nachos.

The parents were also generous as they encourage customers. Appreciating the programme, they took part in the function with lot of enthusiasm. This unique venture at NPSI, Mysore aims at making profit for the purpose of charity.


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