Young Indians should balance ancient thoughts and modernity: Yaduveer Wadiyar

As young Indians, the main challenge for us is to find a balance between ancient thoughts and modernity, said titular King of Mysuru royal family Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar.

He was delivering the inaugural address of Jnanavahini 2016-17 cultural, sports, NCC and NCC forum of Yuvaraja College, in city on Wednesday.

Yaduveer said “India is known for rich heritage, diversity, culture and customs, down the years our country has changed a lot. “On the lines of development we could find several major initiatives taken in the country, there is a tremendous and positive change in country’s development on one hand, but on the other we find millions families live in poverty, especially in slums. Our nation has produced many dynamic leaders who have voiced and worked for the country’s development, but at the same time we still find rampant corruption all around us. We have forgotten the ancient history, culture, colourful tradition, customs of our country; it’s in the hand of young Indians to sort out a process and find a balance between the modernity and ancient thoughts which is very much relevant to the situation.”

“We need to incorporate diversity, our customs, culture and at the same time we need a strong cultivated path to grow politically, spiritually, socially and environmentally. There’s a lot more areas where we can improve, we as young Indians must take up this challenge and leave a blue print for future generation,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, humorist and principal of St Philomena’s College Prof M Krishnegowda said “Today the young generation tend to lead a fast moving life, get irritated at every single incident and thus make their lives miserable. Countries like Italy has already started a movement called ‘Slow living movement’ which needs to be adopted by our young generation. The purpose of education has drastically changed.  The desires of modern parents has narrowed down to money and its high-time we introspect ourselves in this context.  Students must not only develop the Intelligent Quotient (IQ), but also have an Emotional Quotient (EQ) to lead a prosperous life.”

Principal Dr H Nanjegowda, administrative officer Dr R Ganesh, examination controller Dr B M Venkatesh, convener of Jnanavahini Prof D K Srinivas and others were present. 

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