Youth at Kerala Church sing Christmas Carols in Hijabs, Skullcaps to protest against CAA

Prime News, Nation, (Pathanamthitta), December 28:-A video of approximately fourteen youngsters, boys and girls wearing skull caps and hijabs respectively, singing Christmas carols at a church in Kerala has gone viral.

As protests against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC continue around the country, these youngsters donned the traditional Muslim attire in order to raise their voice too.

In show of solidarity with protestors who claim that CAA is unconstitutional and an attack on the secular nature of our country, the members of the choir at St Thomas Mar Thoma Church in Kozhencherry in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta too decided to make their stance clear. The idea, as is clear, is to establish that no act can drive a wedge between Indians on grounds of religion.

In the video, the singers can be seen singing the carols in the tunes of songs traditionally sung by the Muslim communities,  ‘Mappila pattu’.

While protests broke out in different parts of the country, PM Modi had said that the protestors could be identified by their clothes and attire which draws huge anger of Opposition parties and secular minded people of the country.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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