Youth Congress condemns PM Modi’s vaccine diplomacy

Prime News, National, Karnataka, Health, Disease, Vaccine, Mysuru, May 20:- Mysuru Youth Congress unit on Thursday (May 20) asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi why Covid-19 vaccines were sent to other countries when India was facing a shortage.

They said, “Around 15 people were put behind bars for questioning Modi’s move. The whole country wants to know the reason behind it and if he has the guts, he can arrest all of us. The protest against the Prime Minister has started all over the country.”

The Congress leaders said, “The Centre’s decision to export vaccines is condemnable. Modi’s defence supporting the export of vaccines has become a laughing stock. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is blaming the Opposition for people’s reluctance to get vaccinated. Why is the Centre reluctant to tell people to get vaccinated. Both the Centre and state government have failed in the vaccine mission.”

The Congress leaders said, “Exporting vaccines is fine when we have a surplus. Given the pandemic situation in the country, we need more vials as more and more people are dying of Covid.”

They said, “Modi’s obsession with vaccine diplomacy should stop at least now. With the threat of a third wave round corner, we need to be careful now.” (MR/HN)


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