‘Youth lynching’; Muslims wore black bands on Eid

Prime News, National, Khandawali, June 27:- All the villagers from Khandwali protested against lynching of Junaid by wearing black bands on their arms on Eid.

According to reports, the entire Khandawali village in Faridabad observed the Eid with black bands around their arms to protest what is called a brutal murder attributed to the religion.

On 21 June 2017, Junaid a seventeen year old was stabbed to death over a train seat, although it is disputed, in Ballabgarh railway station in Haryana, and also injured was two brother, Hashib (21) and Shakir(23).

The usual flurry of activities associated with the Eid missing in Khandawali village, although village elders advice against wearing black bands, the agitated youths wore the black bands.

The family waiting for their childrens to return to celebrate the Eid, it is never been the same again, said moruning father of Junaid.

Narrating the sequence of events Junaids brother said, they boarded a train from Delhi’s Sadar Bazar after shopping, all of a sudden a group of around 25 people boarded from Okhla station started fighting with siblings.

Upon questioning the motive behind pushing, the group, accuses them of being anti-national, pro-pakistanis and beef-eaters. They pulled the skull cap, try to pull the beard also, Jundai’s father clearly dismissing the theory that Junaid was killed over a train seat row.

Jalaluddin demanded, the culprit should be punished to the crime, and claimed after four days also only one arrest has been made.

Of late several incidents happened in several states mainly BJP ruled states, be it Mohammed Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan. Killings happenings every now and then but administration is accused of going soft on the people who are involved in street lynching.

The villages surrounding the Khandawali also down their shutters in protest, all the communities are angered by the killing of a youth.

-(NAV, Input; Agencies)

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