Youth organisation protests with empty vessels

As the Cauvery agitation is gaining momentum,  Yuva Bharat sanghatan , a youth organisation, held a novel way of agitation by holding Ganesha idol and empty vessels.

The protesters raised slogans against Advocate Nariman and Tamil Nadu Chief minister J Jayalalithaa. “Our cauvery has become empty even to immerse Ganesha idols. We are ready to give blood but not water.”

Speaking to the media, Yuva Bharat Sanghatan leader Jogi Manju  said that this is a difficult situation and all the youth must unite and fight for our land, water, and language.

He also expressed his anguish against Nariman, who is representing Karnataka and urged the court to expel him from the post.

The protesters also warned the government for going soft on this issue and  demanded  resignation of M B  Patil, state’s Irrigation Minister,  as he is cheating the whole state by releasing water to the neighbouring state.

“There is no water for drinking in the state and the farmers are the worst hit. Even to immerse the Ganesha idol, the Cauvery is empty,” they said.

M V Rama Prasad, Jogi Manju, Vikram,  Ajay Shastri and others were present.

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