Youth protest over shortage of condoms at Govt hospital

Prime News, Karnataka, Tumakuru, July 13:- While the people of the state struggling to get a bed for infectious disease such as Dengue, a youth protested at government hospital over non-availability of condoms.

Ganesh, a native of Chikkamagalur, had come to his wife in Tiptur. However, before meeting her, he went to the local government hospital to buy condoms. On finding out there were no condoms available at the hospital, Ganesh went on to question the authorities, got a rude answer that some miscreants had stolen the condom dispenser from the hospital premises.

Angered by the response Ganesh went on a protest in front of the hospital demanding setting up of a condom dispenser immediately, despite assurance Ganesh continue his protest, and finally, hospital authorities purchased condoms from a private medical shop and distribute it to Ganesh for free.

Justifying his protest Ganesh said that, “Sexually transmitted diseases” like HIV spreading fast, providing condom dispensers at government hospitals will contain to some extent, reiterated that he protested for a cause and not ashamed of it.


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