Youths disrupt village fair

Mysuru, October 9:-In the name of god, few youths in a village have alleged to have disrupted the village fair that was being held over generations at Tayuru village of the Nanjangud taluk.

It is alleged that lords Biligiri Rangappa, Anjaneya Swamy and Beerappa have possessed on on Kumar, Narayana Swamy, and Shivu all three residents of the village. In the name of god these three youths have opposed the fair that was being conducted for over several generations. They have self announced that they are Gods and there is no God beyond them.

The entire village used to observe the Maneyammana Habba at the village during Navaratri. But the three youths said to have attacked those who were bringing sacred water for the festival. The youths were said to have unemployed till few days and there are allegations of behaving like this for money is being heard from the public. -(SN)

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