Zakir cancels conference for 3rd time

Controversial Mumbai-based Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has cancelled his media interaction on Thursday for the third time.

“It is very difficult to do a press conference. We will announce another conference soon. Naik himself is willing to come and share information with people,” official spokesperson of Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) told IANS on Thursday. 

The conference was cancelled late Wednesday night.

Naik, who is travelling abroad was suppose to communicate with the media in Mumbai via video-conference, after his IRF managed to get a venue on Wednesday.

IRF on Wednesday said that it was not getting any venue to address the media in Mumbai. At least four venues, including three five-star hotels and the World Trade Centre (WTC), had declined permission for conducting his press conference via Skype. 

They finally managed to get a permission to hold conference at the Mehfil Hall, in Agripada, south Mumbai.

The televangelist, who addresses audiences around the world, is currently on a lecture tour in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Africa.

“We can expect him back in India very soon. Though for now we don’t have any date of him (Naik) returning,” the spokesperson added.

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