Zoo animals adopted

Following people have adopted animals of Mysuru Zoo under ‘Adoption of Animals’ scheme by paying the adoption Fee.

Vinay Gowda has adopted a lion tailed macaque, by paying Rs 10,000 for a period of one year. Nachiket Upadhyaya has adopted Indian black turtle, Indian flap shell turtle and star tortoise for Rs 6,000, R Gautam Raj has adopted King Cobra for Rs 3,500, Vinayas M G has adopted Indian Cobra for Rs 2,000, Padma C H has adopted King Cobra for Rs 3,500, Prashanth L J has adopted Green Anaconda for Rs 10,000, Srinath Sharma K has adopted Love bird for Rs 1,000, Srinath Sharma has adopted Red Avadavit for Rs 1,000, Srikantha Balika Proudashal has adopted African grey parrot for Rs 2,000.

 Mysuru zoo authorities have appreciated the gesture and involvement of the following persons for the cause of wildlife.

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