ZP Standing Committee elections held

Presidents to the three Zilla Panchayat Standing Committees were elected Unopposed in the panel election held on Thursday.

The single largest party and the opposition Congress  in the Zilla Panchayat, held the ruling JD(S)- BJP combine to ransom during the election to the Standing committees and led in bagging the President post for the Health and Education Standing Committee. The JD(S) members and an Independent member were elected unanimously to the remaining two committees for a tenure of about 20 months as per a compromise formula discussed before the election.

The JD(S) ZP member Beerihundi Basavanna, Congress member H E Jayalakshmi Rajanna and an Independent candidate H S Dayanandamurthy have been elected as the presidents of Social Justice, Health and Education and Agriculture and Industries Standing Committees of Zilla Panchayat.

The CEO of the Mysuru Zilla Panchayat Shivashankar, who is also the returning officer, announced the three as presidents of three standing committees.

Earlier to the election, the ZP members of all the party and regional leaders including MLA’s Vasu, Chikkamadu, G T Devegowda, Venkatesh, deputy chairman of legislative council Marithibbegowda and others were present at a compromising meeting.

The ZP Standing Commitees:

General Standing Committee:

G Nataraj (President), Leelavathi, Latha Sidashetty, M V Gowramma Somashekhar, Rudramma Nagaraju, Roopa, Manjunatha.

Finance Standing Committee:

Nayeema Sulthana (President), M P Nagaraju, K S Manjunath, Mahadevamma, Amith V Devarahatti, B Pushpa Amarnath, M Premakumari.

Social Justice:

Beerihundi Basavanna (president), Venkataswamy, Mangala Somashekar, S Madegowda, M J Veena, Pushpa Nagesh Raj, Acchuttananda.

Health and Education:

Jayalakshmi rajanna (President), H R Prema, Chandraika suresh, K Y Bhagya, Kousalya Lokesh, C Rajendra, Mahadevamma M Javaraye.

Agriculture and Industry Standing Committee

H S Dayanandamurthy (President), S Dinesh, S Arun Kumar, Ashwin Kumar, Mani and K C Jayakumar.

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